The Campaign for 

Abortion Free Cities

Students for Life of America is building the next generation of pro-life leaders to turn the culture in our country into one that respects life. Our mission is to lead the pro-life generation to abolish abortion and we are taking our grassroots approach to an even deeper level than ever before, an innovative approach that will be considered the next phase of the pro-life movement. 

We know lives are on the line. 2,300 precious babies are lost every day through the violence of abortion. 2,300 women wounded and unconnected to the life-affirming resources locally that they needed to choose life. We are not waiting for politicians to act, we are taking the lead to transform our communities and you can help us do just that. 

With your generous support, together we will save lives, transform our culture, and change hearts and minds about abortion to shut abortion facilities down and make our cities that we care so deeply about, Abortion Free.  

In 20 major cities across the nation, this will be our game plan to radically transform cities and make abortion a thing of the past. In these communities, the resources exist to serve families facing an unplanned pregnancy and end abortion. Yet, those resources are often unknown to those in the most need... and a coordinated effort to change the minds of those most targeted by the abortion industry does not exist. We are changing that.

The Campaign for Abortion Free Cities is a first-of-its-kind, multi-faceted approach to solving the issue of abortion. W are using our proven digital & grassroots marketing campaign techniques to target residents via computers, campuses, communities, and churches.

In each of these cities we have big goals;

  • Reach 935,000 & Engage 88,000 young people (18-34) in digital conversations with 30% minds changed.
  • Generate 330 calls with women in crisis to our 1-800 hotline each month.
  • Knock on 25,000 doors educating neighbors about the abortion facility nearby and advertising free, non-violent pregnancy services in the community.
  • Build relationships with at least 10 pregnancy help organizations and churches in the city. 
  • Recruit & Train 30 volunteer leaders to sidewalk counsel in front of abortion facilities twice monthly and host other community-wide educational and promotional activities.

Visit to learn more and please make your 100% tax-deductible gift to support our efforts today! 

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