The Campaign for 

Abortion Free Cities

Knowing a Post-Roe America was coming, Students for Life launched our Campaign for Abortion Free Cities in 2021 using the strategies that we know work on college campuses and applied them in our communities. 

The Campaign for Abortion Free Cities exists to strategically reduce abortions by making abortion both unavailable and unthinkable at the local level.

We know abortion is this generation’s human rights crisis that must be solved…

  • 73% of our neighbors are unaware of their local Pregnancy Help Center
  • 77.6% of Planned Parenthoods are within 5 miles of college campuses
  • 40% of women attended a Christian church service within the same month as their abortion

Students for Life of America is the only organization equipped for this battle. The Campaign for Abortion Free Cities is a first-of-its-kind, multi-faceted approach to solving the crisis of abortion at a local level. We are using our proven digital and grassroots marketing techniques to engage our neighbors, impact the abortion industry, empower women with non-violent resources, and equip churches and campuses with the tools they need to start this important conversation.

Together, we can ensure no woman stands alone and every child is protected.

Since 2021’s campaign launch we have…

    • Reached over 184,000 Neighbors
    • Activated more than 9,000 people
    • Partnered with 118 churches
    • Served over 22,600 volunteer hours
    • Reached more than 740,000 neighbors through conversations online
    • Change almost 119,000 minds online

“It takes a village!” has never been truer. Our leaders are serving their communities every month offering a variety of ministry events and activism opportunities. The resources provided to our teams on the ground are FREE for them and that is only made possible through generous donations. 

Will you commit to sending our campaigns the supplies necessary to saving lives and ending abortion?

Choose a single item below or consider a monthly gift that our campaign leaders can rely on so that they can faithfully reach their community on a regular basis. 

Visit to learn more and please make your 100% tax-deductible gift to support our efforts today! 

Necessary Supplies

  • Meals for a Coalition Meeting

    Meals for a Coalition Meeting

    Feed a student group or church volunteers while they sharpen their pro-life skills to change minds and support women.

    $500.00 ea.

  • Deliver Educational Materials

    Deliver Educational Materials

    Supply a city with the print materials needed to educate their neighbors and promote non-violent pregnancy options. This includes flyers, postcards, yard signs, bumper magnets, and more.

    $350.00 ea.

  • Send 500 Door Hangers

    Send 500 Door Hangers

    Provide Community Advocate volunteers with enough door hangers to cover ten neighborhoods.

    $150.00 ea.

  • Sponsor a Campaign City

    Sponsor a Campaign City

    Equip a local church with their kit materials to start a conversation about abortion and offer resources to women in need.

    $100.00 ea.

  • Send 5 T-Shirts

    Send 5 T-Shirts

    Help our volunteers look professional and inviting when they’re out at door knocking and hosting displays in our Standing With You Community Advocate T-Shirts.

    $50.00 ea.

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