Lori Cascio Director of Programs

Lori knows that without empowering the upcoming pro-life generation with knowledge, information, and truth to support a Biblical worldview, the tragedy of abortion will not change. In her senior year of high school, Lori started a Students for Life Club. When she filed the paperwork to become an official club, the principal refused to sign the papers. She kept pushing forward, and as she did, the mission of empowering women and students grew stronger than the resistance of the school administration. Her persistence paid off, and over five years later, the club is still running at her public high school.

As the Director of Programs, Lori is passionate about equipping students to become pro-life leaders. She leads a team in creating pro-life resources, tools, and programs to be used by Students for Life’s over 1,200 student groups. She is a committed go-getter, who graduated from George Mason University with a degree in non-profit administration in only three years. Lori has been happily married since 2016, and now has a little girl named Alice.

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