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Students for Life is launching a MASSIVE 160-campus, 40-state See Me Now National Tour to show students the TRUTH about the humanity of preborn babies.

In fact, for the first time EVER, we’ll be handing out cardboard goggles that turn students’ phones into virtual reality screens.

Once they put the goggles on, they’ll see a preborn babys development at 15 weeks of a pregnancy.

Then, they’ll see a brief video from Dr. Anthony Levatino a former abortionist who is now a pro-life activist explaining how “Dilation and Evacuation” abortions are committed at 15 weeks of a pregnancy.

As Dr. Levatino explains, preborn babies are literally ripped apart alive limb-from-limb in their mothers’ wombs with their separated heads being the last body part “removed.”

Seeing this reality is an instant mind-changer for students. Even the most rabidly pro-abortion students don’t know what to say especially after being forced to come to grips with the humanity of these little boys and girls.

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